Bird strike on school window

Students of the 9th class prevent bird strike at your school

Vogelschutz am Schulfenster - B1

Bird protection at windows – B1

All who wanted to visit the secondary school “Johann Gottfried Wilke” in Coswig (Anhalt) on Monday were very surprised. Instead of sitting at the school bench, pupils of the 9th grade were busy making the glass fronts in front of the entrance area bird proof.

In the project, “bird-safe” means measures against bird strike at the window. After all, the protection of our native bird life is a topic that also interests young people.

Vogelschutz am Schulfenster - B2

Bird protection at window -B2

In Germany alone, according to estimates [1], almost 100 million birds die every year from windows, winter gardens and large glass facades.
After a short instruction, the representatives of the Naturpark e.V. and invited press representatives were amazed at how skilfully the pupils knew how to handle the foils.

The UV- active films, which were specially developed for bird protection on glass windows, are hardly visible to humans. Therefore they do not
disturb   the optical appearance of the glass facade.

Vogelschutz am Schulfenster - B3

Bird protection at window -B3

This is different with most songbirds. They have optical sensors with which they can detect long-wave UV radiation [2].   This property enables the birds to recognize the glass facades as an obstacle during the approach phase and fly around them.

In the Coswig Ganztagsschule, the Naturpark Fläming e.V. found great interest in the bird protection model project. The state of Saxony Anhalt supported the project within the framework of the immediate promotion of species.

Vogelschutz am Schulfenster - B6

Bird protection at window -B6

A model project for bird protection at public facilities with a high proportion of glass.

We would like to thank the Naturpark Fläming e.V. and the school management of the secondary school Johann Gottfried Wilke in
Coswig (Anh.) for releasing the pupils from lessons in order to be able to take part in a practical lesson on bird protection on glass facades.

Vogelschutz - Bild 4

Bird protection at window-B4

Vogelschutz - Bild 5

Bird protection at window -B5

Vogelschutz -Bild 10

Bird protection at window -B10

Vogelschutz - Bild 8

Bird protection at window -B8

sema Maskottchen

sema- mascot

Vogelschutz - Bild 7

Bird protection at window -B7

Vogelschutz - Bild 9

Bird protection at window -B9

Sekundarschule - Coswig (Anh.)

Secondary school-Coswig (Anh.)

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